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Truth Test Our H20: Upcoming Community Think Tank Session

Truth Test Our H20
How can we empower ourselves and our community to take democratic action in the face of unfriendly corporations? Join us for a community discussion of the first of three community think tank sessions: Truth Test our H20:
WHEN: Tuesday, February 9 from 6:30 – 8:45
WHERE: Waverley Resource Library – Auditorium
TOPIC: Water: “Considering Viewpoints from Two Corporations on Their Impacts on Water and the Community”
HOW: Focus: First Tool – IRL – (in real life) that we can use to deal with unfriendly corporations
WHAT: Desired Intention: the results of discussions will be added into a ‘Report of Recommendations,’ that our local chapter will deliver.
FORMAT: 2, 5 minute overview presentations & ‘Docs and Discussion’ in two segments
OUTCOME: to empower people of TBay to join together in democratic action and work together using effective tools to neutralize unfriendly corporations thereby making our voices not only heard but make a difference as well.
GOAL: to become a leader in which other chapters/groups can model our actions
INVITE OTHERS: If you are coming out please invite 2-3 others from your own personal circle to join you. If you are unable to, please invite 2-3 people who you think might have an affinity with the CoC.

NAFTA compromises ability to cut water supply to the tar sands

A long-term study of the Athabasca River warns about the future availability of river water for the tar sands.

The Globe and Mail reports, “Based on a 900-year record obtained from tree rings, researchers found that the Athabasca watershed has historically been subjected to prolonged dry spells that are far more severe than anything the region has experienced since the oil industry arrived there in the 1960s. And with climate change threatening to increase the frequency and severity of droughts, they say, Alberta’s oil producers may be relying on an ‘untenable assumption’ that the river’s flow today is representative of what they can expect in years to come.”

The article highlights, “Currently, oil sands production consumes less than 5 per cent of the river’s annual flow, amounting to 187 million cubic metres in 2012. But water use has been projected to climb to 505 million cubic metres within the next decade.” Right now about 1.08 billion barrels a year (2.98 million bpd) are extracted from the tar sands and the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers sees that increasing to 2.35 billion barrels a year (6.44 million bpd) by 2030.

Read the full story here: http://canadians.org/blog/nafta-compromises-ability-cut-water-supply-tar-sands

Debate on bulk water exports to U.S. resurfaces despite recent droughts in Canada

Recent articles in the Globe and Mail, Yahoo News, and the Vancouver Sun signal that the debates on bulk water exports are resurfacing – and not only because of NDP leader Thomas Mulcair’s comments as environment minister in Quebec.

Read the full story here: http://canadians.org/blog/debate-bulk-water-exports-us-resurfaces-despite-recent-droughts-canada


H20 in the Election: Your guide to water and the federal election

With the election three weeks away, water has barely made it on the radar of federal political parties. Want to learn what the different parties’ positions are on key water issues? What should you ask parties at all-candidates debates or when they come knocking at your door? This blog gives an overview of some key water issues, parties’ positions and includes questions to ask local candidates at debates, when they come to your door or even in the Twitterverse. Leading up to October 19, it’s up to us to make sure federal parties know the importance of safeguarding water.

From the Council of Canadians national website: http://canadians.org/blog/h2o-elxn42-your-guide-water-and-federal-election

Energy East pipeline could leak up to 2.6 million litres/day undetected: report

On September 2, the Council of Canadians launched a new report on the Energy East Pipeline that predicts a 15% chance per year of a rupture based on TransCanada’s recent rupture record.

View the report here:  http://canadians.org/energyeast-15percent

March 21 Rally to Protest Lack of Protection for our Lakes and Rivers

In 2012 the federal government removed environmental protection from almost all the lakes and rivers in Northwestern Ontario.  Water is essential to life – it must be protected.

The Thunder Bay Chapter is holding a rally to demand environmental protection for our lakes and rivers.

Date and Time:  Saturday, March 21 at 2pm                                                                             Location:  Neebing Floodway across from Intercity Shopping Mall

Homemade signs are welcome!

Canada Water Week Upcoming Events – March 16 to 22, 2015

Canada Water Week Upcoming Events – March 16 to 22, 2015

The Thunder Bay Environmental Film Network Presents: Divide in Concord
Wednesday March 18 at 7:30 PM at the Finlandia Club above the Hoito, 314 Bay Street
Ready, aim, revolution of an environmental kind heard round the world! Join Thoreau and the Thunder Bay Environmental Film Network for the screening of “DIVIDE IN CONCORD”. Divide in Concord is a feature-length documentary that follows the entertaining tale of the battle of banning bottled water in small town America. Admission is free, donations are appreciated and the post-film discussion won’t be watery. This is a scent free event. Bring everyone and see you at the movies! For more information visit https://efilmnetwork.wordpress.com/.

Know Your H20 Public Event
Thursday March 19 from 7 – 9 PM at Mariner’s Hall, Prince Arthur’s Landing (Marina Park)
Want to find out how water gets from Lake Superior to your home? Do you think microplastics are a problem in Lake Superior? Get to know your H 2 O! Join the City of Thunder Bay and EcoSuperior on March 19th from 7 – 9 pm at Mariner’s Hall for a free evening of presentations by local water experts. Enjoy the displays, light refreshments, and door prizes, in celebration of Canada Water Week. Get to know your H 2 O is presented by EcoSuperior and the City of Thunder Bay. For more information visit http://www.ecosuperior.org/article/-2365.asp.

Go Behind the Scenes at the Bare Point Water Treatment Plant
Friday March 20 from 10:30 AM – 12 PM at the Bare Point Water Treatment Plant
Ever wondered how Thunder Bay’s water is treated or how often our water gets tested each year? Find out how water gets from Lake Superior to your home on Friday, March 20th, and celebrate Canada Water Week with a tour of the Bare Point Water Treatment Plant. Transportation is provided so call EcoSuperior at 624-2140 for the pickup location and to reserve your seat on the bus. Tour presented by the City of Thunder Bay and EcoSuperior. For more information visit http://www.ecosuperior.org/article/-2365.asp.

Council of Canadians Rally for the Protection of our Lakes and Waterways
Saturday, March 21st at 2pm at the Neebing Floodway across from the Intercity Shopping Centre

Due to recent Federal Government legislation, most of  our northern lakes and waterways have lost their environmental protection. The Lake Superior Watershed is facing threats from climate change, pollution and toxic spills, over-extraction, privatization and invasive species. Water is life! We’re asking elected officials to stand up for our water. Home made signs are welcome!

Celebrate Canada Water Week – Free Children’s Event
Sunday March 22 from 12 – 4 PM a the Baggage Building Arts Centre at Prince Arthur’s Landing (Marina Park)
Join us on Sunday, March 22, in the Baggage Building Arts Centre, Prince Arthur’s Landing to celebrate Canada Water Week from 12 – 4 pm. This event includes free celebratory cake, face painting, a treasure hunt, movies, popcorn and more. Build a water turbine to make electricity, discover Lake Superior on a giant floor map, test your knowledge of water conservation. Join us for native crafts and stories about water, learn and see water bugs and reptiles that live in our waters. Learn where your drinking water comes from and take the ‘Back to the Tap’ pledge and receive a free water bottle (while supplies last). Activities are family oriented so come discover, learn and play together! For more information visit http://www.ecosuperior.org/article/-2365.asp.

February 27th ‘Back to the Tap’ Event at Waverley Library

                                             Back to the Tap Event 

Spend an hour or so with the Thunder Bay Council of Canadian’s Blue Planet Committee and EcoSuperior and learn more about Thunder Bay’s state-of-the-art tap water. This free event includes a blind water-tasting opportunity, a presentation about the environmental, social, and economic impacts of choosing bottled water and a screening of Bottlegate, a Water Brothers episode that uncovers the true cost of bottled water, and refreshments.

Thursday, February  27  2014  at 7 pm  

Place: Waverley Library Auditorium (Red River Road)

Cost: FREE