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Rally for public inquiry into WSIB this Monday


12 noon- Monday, Dec. 12th

Where: MPP Michael Gravelle’s Office, 179 Algoma St S., Thunder Bay

Come and join us!

Please call the Thunder Bay & District Injured Workers’ Support Group at 622-8897 for more information


March 21 Rally to Protest Lack of Protection for our Lakes and Rivers

In 2012 the federal government removed environmental protection from almost all the lakes and rivers in Northwestern Ontario.  Water is essential to life – it must be protected.

The Thunder Bay Chapter is holding a rally to demand environmental protection for our lakes and rivers.

Date and Time:  Saturday, March 21 at 2pm                                                                             Location:  Neebing Floodway across from Intercity Shopping Mall

Homemade signs are welcome!

Coming Together to Defend our Climate and our Community

The message was clear at today’s community climate change rally: we need to work together in the fight against climate change. And the first step to working together is coming together which is exactly what 100 people did at Hillcrest Park from 1-2 pm. Community members, Citizens United for a Sustainable Planet (CUSP), the Thunder Bay Chapter of Council of Canadians, Thunder Bay Leadnow, Thunder Bay Idle No More, and politicians Bruce Hyer and Andrew Foulds were all part of the crowd that gathered to show their concern about climate change and to take action.

People gathered at the Climate Rally at Hillcrest Park, November 16th 2013

People gathered at the Climate Rally at Hillcrest Park, November 16th 2013

The Thunder Bay rally was themed around climate superheroes that defend our community against climate change. The Pipe-Cleaner, also known as Natalie Gerum and the event organizer, was one of the many dressed-up superheroes that showed up. “The purpose of today is for Thunder Bay to join a national day of action called Defend our Climate, Defend our Communities,” explained Natalie.

The event was part of a larger movement that took place from coast to coast today. Over 130 communities across Canada gathered to show opposition to reckless pipeline projects, tar sands expansion, and runaway gas emissions that is changing our climate. With government decisions on pipelines expected in the coming months, this nation-wide day of action was organized to send a clear message.

Erin Bottle from Mishkeegogamang First Nation had a very strong voice today as she sung traditional songs calling on our human family to unite in this time of crisis. “I came here to support love, to support humanity and to bring a strong message that to protect this Earth we have to work together,” said Erin. “We have to put down our fear and misunderstanding of each other to learn from each other and respect each other. All Nations have gifts, all Nations have strength, and together we become a strong human family.”

Erin Bottle singing at the Climate Rally

Erin Bottle singing at the Climate Rally

Rally Alert! TransCanada Pipeline Ltd.

The Thunder Bay Chapter Council of Canadians will be supporting our friends at CUSP with a “Real Facts Rally” TONIGHT, September 24th.  This is being held to provide an alternative point of view at the TransCanada Pipelines Energy East Open House at the Thunder Bay Community Auditorium. Please join us! Bring your own signs and props if you can. The more the merrier, and the larger the impact. Members will start gathering at 3:30 PM and we hope to have maximum attendance at 4:30 PM. 

CUSP has prepared a brochure to be handed out, and we will have some fact sheets for people who wish to join in engaging attendees in conversation about the pipeline plans, and/or asking questions of their own to the TransCanada representatives who will be there. Some of us from the Executive of the Council of Canadians will be there to provide information for you. Council of Canadians supporters who do not feel comfortable actively engaging in the “counter-information” aspect of the event are still encouraged to attend to ask questions and learn what you can about the pipeline proposal.

Click here for more background information on the pipeline, and click here to visit CUSP’s website. Hope to see you on Tonight at Thunder Bay Community Auditorium, sometime between 4 and 8 pm for however long you can stay.


Rally a Success!

We had a successful rally today to save the Experimental Lakes Area (ELA). The rally was held jointly with CUSP (whose concern was the Ring of Fire) in front of the Italian Cultural Centre where Minister Greg Rickford was attending a luncheon. The ELA are located in Minister Rickford’s riding.

Although negotiations on continuing operations of the ELA are close to completion, it appears that the Federal Government is holding up the process. The ELA will be forced to close in 2 weeks unless a deal is reached. We need to keep pressure on the Federal Government and Minister Rickford.

ELA Rally August 14 2013

Save the ELA Rally in front of the Italian Cultural Centre

ELA Rally – Friday April 12th

Join us on Friday April 12th from 12:30 – 1:30 PM to “Save the ELA” in front of Michael Gravelle’s office at 179 S. Algoma Street. Bring a sign and your smile!

Save the ELA April 12th Rally

Location for the April 12th “Save the ELA” Rally (Image from Google Maps)

Click here to see pictures and a short video from our March 30th rally.