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Video: Take a moment to view this short video of Energy East

Here is the link to a very informative video.

Hi folks.  Take a minute to view this short  informative video.  The real story behind the Energy East pipeline!


Call your premier today!

Hi folks,

With the Ontario and Quebec premiers trying to back away from real, robust climate considerations on Energy East, we want to flood their offices today with phone calls, but to do it we need all of your help.

Can you take a minute to call your premier today?

If you’re not in Ontario or Quebec, can you share this image and invite people you know from Ontario andQuebec to this event?

In the past, we’ve managed to use hundreds of phone calls to senators and congresspeople in the US to push them back from support for the Keystone XL pipeline, and today we can send a strong message straight to the premiers.

Thanks all!


Stop The Energy East Climate Flip Flop!

Stop The Energy East Climate Flip Flop!

We can be a climate leader, but not by ignoring Energy East’s real climate impacts.

Last week, Ontario and Quebec announced seven conditions for the Energy East pipeline – including a climate test. Now, under pressure from Alberta, Ontario and Quebec are backing down on a strong climate test and refusing to consider the upstream climate change impacts that Energy East would cause.

Choosing to only review the climate impacts of pipe itself and not what’s inside it is like calculating the alcoholic content of a can of beer – but just the can, not the beer inside.

With a climate impact the same as over 7 million cars, building Energy East would effectively undo the carbon emissions stopped from Ontario’s coal phase out.

Call your Premier’s Office and tell them that Energy East needs a real, strong and robust climate test.

Municipal Candidates Poll on Energy East


 The Thunder Bay Chapter of the Council of Canadians has been actively opposing the development of the Energy East Pipeline proposed by TransCanada Pipelines. In order to bring the issue to the table in the municipal election, we asked all of the candidates for their position on the EnergyEast Pipeline so that electors could add this to their understanding of what each candidate stands for.

We asked each of the candidates whether or not they were in favour of the proposed plan to convert an existing natural gas pipeline across northern Ontario to carry diluted bitumen (tar sands oil).

By far, the majority of the candidates are not in favour of Energy East.  Many gave a somewhat qualified response, as they did not feel they had sufficient information to give a truly informed response, but most of them still were not in favour of this pipeline through our boreal forest, wetlands, and crossing rivers and lakes.  The full results, name by name, can be found at or tbaycoc/Facebook.

Only two of the mayoralty candidates are in favour of the pipeline proposal:  Shane Judge (a qualified “yes” as he wanted more information), and Henry Wojak.  Mayor Keith Hobbs, Ken Boshcoff, Colin Burridge and Douglas MacKay are all opposed to this pipeline proposal.  There are too many candidates for councillor to list them all here; for councillor candidates’ responses, please consult the complete poll results.

The Thunder Bay Council of Canadians, along with our local allies, would  like to see City Council take a stand on Energy East., and will be pursuing this with the new Mayor and Council.

The Council of Canadians would also like to see a moratorium on Tar Sands extraction, a moratorium on new pipeline construction, large-scale development of renewable energy supplies, the development of a national energy strategy to take into account the needs of Canadians, and an end to corporate-country trade agreements which allow companies to sue our government if they do not make the profits they anticipated.


Energy East: Informing and canvassing Thunder Bay Residents

October 19, 2014


The TransCanada Energy East tar sands pipeline proposal is threatening hundreds of communities across Canada with crude spills and will dramatically increase Canada’s climate pollution.  People inThunder Bay and across the country are stepping up in their communities to say no to this dangerous proposal.

Will you help Thunder Bay residents say no?

On the afternoon of Sunday October 19th, your friends and neighbours will be hitting the streets ofThunder Bay to canvass door to door and speak to people about the risks of Energy East. The day will start with a training session with Sabrina Bowman from Environmental Defence, we’ll go door to door for a few hours and end with an optional social to celebrate and chat about how it went.

Excited and want to sign up now? Fill out this simple form and we’ll be in touch soon with details. Even if you can’t make it on October 19th, fill out the form with your information and we’ll be in touch within a week to chat about other opportunities to get involved.

Want to come but haven’t canvassed before?  No problem!  We’ll start the day with some snacks and an easy-to-understand training session. We’ll also pair everyone who wants to be paired up so you don’t have to go to the door alone. So fill out this form, and come on out!

Hope to see you soon!

Sabrina Bowman

Climate Campaign Organizer

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 Say NO to Energy East!