DEFERRED: Chapter to ask City Council to turn down Energy East Pipeline proposal

UPDATE: Discussion of the Energy East pipeline by local City Council has been deferred, potentially until February.

If you think that Mr. Trudeau’s announcements about Kinder Morgan and Line 3 are the last words on pipelines, think again!

We, here in Thunder Bay, are going back to City Council to ask them to vote against the Energy East Pipeline proposal – and we have a date – Monday December 12th.

 Our local coalition, made up of reps from Council of Canadians, Environment North, CUSP, Ontario Nature, and the LU Environmental Law Students ds Associations, will be giving another deputation and asking council to pass the resolution which was deferred from August last year.

 Click here to view background information about the Energy East issue.   Our deputation will be explaining all of the new information we have unearthed which supports our two main arguments – concern about spills/leaks and their effect on land, water and ecosystems, and climate change which will be much exaggerated by the emissions which will be put into our atmosphere by the expansion of Tar Sands which Energy East would demand.


You can help by:

  • calling or emailing your city councillor and the at-large councillors,
  • being in the audience at City Hall on Dec. 12th (6:30 pm)
  • writing a letter to the editor
  • talking to people about this issue – your mother-in-law, your cousin, your next-door-neighbour, your co-worker, or whoever else you can buttonhole.

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