Council to Vote on Thunder Bay Becoming a Blue Community March 23

Last March, the Thunder Bay Council of Canadians asked City Council to make Thunder Bay a Blue Community. Council directed Administration to provide a report on the implications of becoming a Blue Community. The report will be presented on Monday, March 23rd at 6:30 pm at City Hall. (Council chambers, 3rd Floor) Our chapter will ask City Council to adopt the Blue Community Resolutions to make Thunder Bay a Blue Community.

There are 16 Blue Communities in Canada. Blue Communities adopt a water commons framework that treats water as belonging to no one and the responsibility of all. They adopt three resolutions that recognize the human right to water, promote public water and waste water services and ban (phase out) the sale of bottled water in municipal facilities where tap water is easily accessible.

The United Nations has recognized water as a human right. Water is a shared public resource, not a commodity to be bought and sold for huge profits. We need to resist the corporate takeover of water and celebrate our Superior water!

Help to make Thunder Bay a Blue Community.

Contact Mayor Hobbs and City Councillors and ask them to make Thunder Bay a Blue Community. (sample wording below) Pass the word to family and friends and plan to attend the Council meeting.

Thank you.

Administration`s Blue Community Report is available at


Councillors e-mail addresses

Sample Wording 

Mayor Hobbs and Council Members:

Our lakes and waterways are threatened by climate change, pollution, over-extraction and privatization. Water is essential to life and needs our urgent protection. Blue Communities confirm their leadership in the reasonable use, responsible treatment and fair distribution of water. Please confirm Thunder Bay as a leader in preserving and protecting the Great Lakes Watershed by making us a Blue Community.



Blue Community info available at (see Blue Planet) 


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