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Newsletter 2015

Newsletter            January 2015

Wishing everyone a Happy and Prosperous New Year!

Quick Update on Energy East

The fight against Energy East continues…..

 The next phase is the Ontario Energy Board’s Community Consultation.  The Ontario Government asked the OEB to consult around the province to provide the province with some information to help them formulate their position on the pipeline proposal.

Part one of this consultation process was held last spring (we made a presentation).  This time they are asking for reaction so the Summary Report from Part One, and to the Technical Reports which are to be released shortly.  We have a number of people ready to do those reviews when the reports come out, and well be preparing “Briefing Notes” for any of our supporters who are able to come to the consultation.  These notes will help people formulate questions for the consultants, and give some ideas for participation in the round table discussions which will make up most of the evening.

PLEASE BE THERE:   Wed.  Jan 14th  6:00 pm – 9:30 pm  Valhalla Inn

Energy East Again

The next step we are taking in our battle against Energy East is taking a deputation to City Council, as part of a coalition of local not-for-profit groups.  We have over 1000 signatures on  a petition asking Council to take a stand against this pipeline.

The date of the deputation is probably Feb. 2nd at City Hall – we will let you know when confirmed.  We would appreciate as many of you as possible to be in attendance so that Council can see the kind of support we have in the community.

It would be a huge help also if you could PHONE  or EMAIL your Councillor or any of the council members at large to tell them that you support this deputation and wnat City Council to take a stand against this dangerous and unnecessary pipeline.

In Other News

The Blue Planet Committee is still waiting for City Administration to make its recommendations to Council concerning T.Bay becoming a Blue Community……hoping this happens soon.  The Blue Planet Committee isn’t inactive while they wait.  They are busy planning events and activities for World Water Week in the spring.  Stay tuned.

One Last Note?

A new program has been launched at LU Radio (CILU 102.7 FM).  It’s called “Senior Moments” and is an interview program with relevant – and mostly old – music interspersed.  The program airs at 12:30 pm on Sunday.

Last week, Tom and Ruth Cook from our Executive were interviewed about social activism and the Energy East Pipeline in particular.  This coming Sunday there will be a follow-up clip included in the program.  The bulk of this week’s program is an interview with a very elderly but still very active environmentalist from Comox BC.  Well worth listening to.

If you’ve missed the previous programs, I’m sorry to say that they do not re-broadcast them and do not yet have podcasts available.  Please call or email the station and encourage them to make this happen.