Municipal Candidates Poll on Energy East


 The Thunder Bay Chapter of the Council of Canadians has been actively opposing the development of the Energy East Pipeline proposed by TransCanada Pipelines. In order to bring the issue to the table in the municipal election, we asked all of the candidates for their position on the EnergyEast Pipeline so that electors could add this to their understanding of what each candidate stands for.

We asked each of the candidates whether or not they were in favour of the proposed plan to convert an existing natural gas pipeline across northern Ontario to carry diluted bitumen (tar sands oil).

By far, the majority of the candidates are not in favour of Energy East.  Many gave a somewhat qualified response, as they did not feel they had sufficient information to give a truly informed response, but most of them still were not in favour of this pipeline through our boreal forest, wetlands, and crossing rivers and lakes.  The full results, name by name, can be found at or tbaycoc/Facebook.

Only two of the mayoralty candidates are in favour of the pipeline proposal:  Shane Judge (a qualified “yes” as he wanted more information), and Henry Wojak.  Mayor Keith Hobbs, Ken Boshcoff, Colin Burridge and Douglas MacKay are all opposed to this pipeline proposal.  There are too many candidates for councillor to list them all here; for councillor candidates’ responses, please consult the complete poll results.

The Thunder Bay Council of Canadians, along with our local allies, would  like to see City Council take a stand on Energy East., and will be pursuing this with the new Mayor and Council.

The Council of Canadians would also like to see a moratorium on Tar Sands extraction, a moratorium on new pipeline construction, large-scale development of renewable energy supplies, the development of a national energy strategy to take into account the needs of Canadians, and an end to corporate-country trade agreements which allow companies to sue our government if they do not make the profits they anticipated.



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