TBay CoC EnergyEast Presentation to OEB

On March 26, Thunder Bay Council of Canadians Chair Tom Cook and Public Relations Chair Ruth Cook gave an EnergyEast  presentation to the Ontario Energy Board outlining 4 major areas of concern; economic impacts, safety, climate change and local democratic impact and control. The OEB will conduct a second round of EnergyEast consultations in the summer of 2014.

TBay CoC Chapter’s EnergyEast Presentation to the OEB

Ontario’s EnergyEast Consultation Process 

In November 2013, Ontario’s Minister of Energy asked the Ontario Energy Board (OEB) to examine and report on TransCanada PipeLines Limited’s proposed Energy East Pipeline from an Ontario perspective (read the Nov 12, 2013 letter). To support the preparation of the report, the Minister asked the OEB to undertake a consultation process. This consultation process will provide a forum for Ontarians to express their views on the proposed Energy East Pipeline. These views will inform the OEB’s report to the Minister.

The Minister has asked that the OEB consider the implications of four areas of potential impact of TransCanada’s proposed Energy East Pipeline:

  • The impacts on Ontario natural gas consumers in terms of prices, reliability and access to supply, especially for those consumers living in eastern and northern Ontario
  • The impacts on pipeline safety and the natural environment in Ontario
  • The impacts on Aboriginal communities in Ontario, in particular how treaty and Aboriginal rights may be affected
  • The short and long term economic impacts of the project in Ontario

The Government of Ontario intends to participate as an intervenor in the National Energy Board’s (NEB) review of the proposed Energy East Pipeline (learn more about the NEB process) and the Minister will use the OEB’s report to help formulate the Government’s position.


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