Monthly Archives: September 2013

Rally Alert! TransCanada Pipeline Ltd.

The Thunder Bay Chapter Council of Canadians will be supporting our friends at CUSP with a “Real Facts Rally” TONIGHT, September 24th.  This is being held to provide an alternative point of view at the TransCanada Pipelines Energy East Open House at the Thunder Bay Community Auditorium. Please join us! Bring your own signs and props if you can. The more the merrier, and the larger the impact. Members will start gathering at 3:30 PM and we hope to have maximum attendance at 4:30 PM. 

CUSP has prepared a brochure to be handed out, and we will have some fact sheets for people who wish to join in engaging attendees in conversation about the pipeline plans, and/or asking questions of their own to the TransCanada representatives who will be there. Some of us from the Executive of the Council of Canadians will be there to provide information for you. Council of Canadians supporters who do not feel comfortable actively engaging in the “counter-information” aspect of the event are still encouraged to attend to ask questions and learn what you can about the pipeline proposal.

Click here for more background information on the pipeline, and click here to visit CUSP’s website. Hope to see you on Tonight at Thunder Bay Community Auditorium, sometime between 4 and 8 pm for however long you can stay.


Latest News with the ELA

Great news!  Kathleen Wynne has announced yesterday (Sept. 2nd), in Kenora, that an agreement was reached among the Province of Ontario, the federal government and the International Institute for Sustainable Development so that the ELA will remain open. Click here to read the news release and click here to read the CBC’s latest coverage of the story.