NO to Bottled Water – YES to Superior!

Our drinking water in Thunder Bay comes from Lake Superior. Clean water is delivered to over 100,000 residents in Thunder Bay through the Bare Point Water Treatment Plant. In addition to the world-class filtration system upgraded in 2007 , Thunder Bay also recently implemented a Source Protection Plan  to further ensure that we will continue to have access to a safe a reliable source of water by protecting our lakes and rivers. So lets enjoy our clean water and say “NO to Bottled Water – YES to Superior”.
  • Water is a human right and a public resource;
  • Canada has one of the best public drinking water systems in the world and municipal tap water is safer, healthier and more regulated than bottled water;
  • Bottled water requires massive amounts of fossil fuels to manufacture and transport, and it takes three to five litres of water to produce a one litre plastic bottle of water;
  • Bottled water companies use municipal water sources, groundwater and surface water, when over one-quarter of Canadian municipalities have faced water shortages in recent years;
  • Bottled water creates excessive amounts of physical waste when communities in Canada face a waste management crisis.

For more information, check out these two factsheets on Tackling Industry Spin on Bottled Water and 5 Reasons to Ban Bottled Water.


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