Building a Strong Foundation

The Thunder Bay COC Steering Committee members have been working to establish a strong foundation for the future of the Thunder Bay COC Chapter. Over the past few months, together with the assistance of Mark Calzavaro and the Regional Office, the Steering Committee has:

  • Developed Terms of Reference for the Steering Committee (to be presented at the first Annual General Meeting for amendment/ratification by members;
  • Secured a credit union account and applied for start-up funding;
  • Participated in Council of Canadians teleconference calls to keep in touch with other chapters and the National and Regional Offices;
  • Received a start-up kit and is building a collection of “stuff” – banner, signs, literature, etc.;
  • Participated in an Idle No More rally;
  • Written an Open Letter to PM Harper protesting the proposed funding cut to the Experimental Lakes Area, being followed up with a follow-up letter to the Premier Elect of Ontario and the Premier of Manitoba;
  • Formed a sub-committee to plan a public launch of our new Chapter.

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