Truth Test Our H20: Upcoming Community Think Tank Session

Truth Test Our H20
How can we empower ourselves and our community to take democratic action in the face of unfriendly corporations? Join us for a community discussion of the first of three community think tank sessions: Truth Test our H20:
WHEN: Tuesday, February 9 from 6:30 – 8:45
WHERE: Waverley Resource Library – Auditorium
TOPIC: Water: “Considering Viewpoints from Two Corporations on Their Impacts on Water and the Community”
HOW: Focus: First Tool – IRL – (in real life) that we can use to deal with unfriendly corporations
WHAT: Desired Intention: the results of discussions will be added into a ‘Report of Recommendations,’ that our local chapter will deliver.
FORMAT: 2, 5 minute overview presentations & ‘Docs and Discussion’ in two segments
OUTCOME: to empower people of TBay to join together in democratic action and work together using effective tools to neutralize unfriendly corporations thereby making our voices not only heard but make a difference as well.
GOAL: to become a leader in which other chapters/groups can model our actions
INVITE OTHERS: If you are coming out please invite 2-3 others from your own personal circle to join you. If you are unable to, please invite 2-3 people who you think might have an affinity with the CoC.

Feds new pipeline rules show some promise, but the devil is in the details: CoC

This week, Natural Resources Minister Carr and Environment and Climate Change Minister McKenna concluded a press conference announcing new rules for pipeline projects.

Wednesday’s much anticipated announcement comes amid a tumultuous two weeks where Kinder Morgan’s proposed Trans Mountain pipeline expansion and TransCanada’s Energy East project were capitulated onto a national news stage, unlike anything we’ve seen before.

Reported in Council of Canadians’ energy and climate justice campaigner Andrea Harden-Donahue’s blog are details about the new rules and an assessment based on what we want to see in pipeline reviews. Details included here are informed by a government backgrounder, and in viewing Wednesday’s press conference.

Wednesday’s announcement confirms both a transition process for existing projects and a longer term overhaul of environmental assessments and the National Energy Board (NEB) that will reportedly happen over the course of two years.

The principles guiding the transition process are:

  1. Project proponent are not forced to start over
  2. Process is science-based, employs traditional ecological knowledge and other relevant evidence
  3. Views of affected communities are sought and considered
  4. Process supports First Nation consultation and accommodation
  5. Process includes direct and upstream greenhouse gas emissions linked to project

Read here for a status of the Energy East and Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain projects.


Action Alert: Local chapter calls on Trudeau to stop pipeline reviews

The Council of Canadians Thunder Bay chapter is calling on the Trudeau government to halt existing pipeline reviews, reported in the Chronicle Journal.

To keep pressure on the Trudeau government to stop the flawed pipeline reviews, please add your name to our Keep your promises, Liberals: Stop pipeline reviews action alert.

Gov’t set to break pledge, claim protesters

A coalition of Thunder Bay environmental groups, including the local chapter of the Council of Canadians, joined forces on Saturday to urge the federal government to halt the review process for two major pipeline projects.

The coalition is citing a pre-election promise that the Kinder Morgan and Energy Ease projects would be assessed under additional criteria, including greenhouse gas emissions and upstream impacts. So far that hasn’t happened, and the review for Kinder Morgan is slated for tomorrow. Read more on the story in The Chronicle-Journal.

AGM tonight

Tonight! Join us for the Thunder Bay Council of Canadians’ Annual General Meeting from 6:30-8:30pm at the Waverley Library Auditorium.

Come and review our last year’s activities, and participate in planning for 2016. Discuss what our local priorities should be, what campaigns to participate in, lobbying focus, new topics of interest, and other topics. Everyone is welcome!

Join in the People’s Injunction

During the federal election campaign, the Liberal party promised to revise the review process for energy  projects such as Energy East, to make sure that there was always an adequate environmental review as   part of the process, among other things.  They have just announced that they are allowing the review of two projects to proceed under the old system:  Trans-Mountain and Energy East.

The Thunder Bay Council of Canadians is participating in a protest against this, called the People’s Injunction.  This protest has been organized across the country by

Meet us at:  1:00 PM  Friday January 15th  705 Red River Road  (MP Patty Hajdu’s office)  to let the Liberal government know that leaving the National Energy  Board’s review process unchallenged and unchanged is not acceptable. We hope to see you there!

Save the Date: Annual General Meeting

Please join us for the Thunder Bay Council of Canadians’ Annual General Meeting on Wednesday, January 13, 2016 from 6:30-8:30pm at the Waverley Library Auditorium.

Come and review our last year’s activities, and participate in planning for 2016. Discuss what our local priorities should be, what campaigns to participate in, lobbying focus, new topics of interest, and other topics. Everyone is welcome, and this would be a good time to connect with other like-minded people in a non-pressure environment.


Petition calls for cancellation of all future patronage appointments

The Thunder Bay Chapter of Council of Canadians endorses a petition administered by LeadNow that calls for the cancellation of all future patronage appointments. It can be found here:

The Liberals vowed in the election to overhaul an appointment process that is now conducted behind closed doors and was sometimes mired in accusations of political patronage for government donors or failed candidates, according to The Toronto Star.

“Appointments will be open, transparent and merit-based and we will ensure gender parity and that more indigenous peoples and minority groups are reflected in positions of leadership,” said Olivier Duchesneau, deputy director of communications to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

“This will apply government-wide to everything from the cabinet to the Supreme Court to boards of Crown corporations.”

Those concerns were renewed when the news website iPolitics reported on 49 appointments the previous Conservative government made earlier this year that didn’t take effect for weeks, months and in one case three-plus years after the Oct. 19 election.

Those 49 were among 98 the Conservative cabinet made on June 18 and 19, according to an accounting of the order-in-council appointments from the Ottawa Citizen.

According to “Former Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s cabinet quietly stacked government agencies and Crown corporations with dozens of “future appointments,” and early appointment renewals in the dying days of its regime, many of which were only scheduled to go into effect long after the Conservatives were defeated.”

The list of patronage appointments can be found at: